ARAB NEWS : Kaf by Kaf wowed fashion lovers in New York


Designer Kawthar Al-Horaish’s contemporary Saudi label goes on show in New York

Saudi luxury label Kaf by Kaf wowed fashion lovers in New York as part of the Saudi Fashion Commission’s recent 100 Brands exhibition in the US.

Founded in 2019 by Kawthar Al-Horaish, the brand seeks to revolutionize traditional women’s outerwear through bold, structured and airy silhouettes embellished with rich patterns.

The brand’s structured cuts stem from Al-Horaish’s architectural background. She felt that the local fashion industry did not understand her vision, so she wanted to take a stab at designing the abaya in her own way

wanted to use culture as a reference and make contemporary fashion out of real stories,” she told Arab News.

A self-taught creative talent, Al-Horaish enlisted the help of her designer friend Kholoud Al-Ahmed to teach her the technical skills needed to produce her own range.

“I would describe Kaf by Kaf as strong, young and free,” she said. “We are creating a new take on contemporary fashion in Saudi Arabia. Don’t call me a designer, call me an artist. Art, history, architecture and personal and collective stories inspire my work. But especially art — that’s the main element in my work.”

It is crucial to Al-Horaish that sustainable and recycled materials are used to create her products. She uses high-quality pressed fabrics to preserve each garment’s quality for the longest time possible.

Most recently, Kaf by Kaf was chosen by the Saudi Fashion Commission to be part of the Saudi 100 Brands Program and exhibited its designs in New York from July 26-Aug. 7 in a global traveling exhibition featuring a curated selection of clothing and accessories from 100 Saudi designers.

“Kaf by Kaf aims to revolutionize the fashion industry in Saudi Arabia by using culture in a contemporary way,” said Al-Horaish.

The brand is currently sold in high-end department stores in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.