KAF BY KAF is a Saudi luxury fashion label founded by Kawthar Alhoraish , The brand aims to revolutionizing the cultural aspect of the outerwear by creating bold and creative designs.


The brand KAF BY KAF is a specialized on customizing pattern and fabrics. Any fabric on the fashion house is done specially for KAF BY KAF.

The founder

KAF BY KAF was founded by Kawthar Alhoraish a Saudi fashion designer, Kawthar Alhoraish always had a different perspective in fashion her style was always bold and unique and that what influence the brand KAF BY KAF the most, Her education in Architecture helped her to be professional in structuring clothing and use of unique materials.

“All my life I have grown in a colorless environment, so I created mine.” Kawthar Alhoraish.


Kawthar Alhoraish offers much more than creating Fashion and unique wear as the brand mission we must show the brand creativity through crating the brand category ART’- by kaf , which is the a category brand of KAF BY KAF to represent the brand creativity through out artistic fashion.