Mille World : Kaf by Kaf is the Brand Giving a Modern Twist to Arab Fashion

Bold, brash and lush, Kaf by Kaf is the contemporary brand that is blowing a fresh wind into Saudi’s fast blooming scene. Undeniably creative, the luxury label aims at revolutionising the cultural aspect of outerwear through ample structures, airy silhouettes and visually pleasing designs. 

Playing with a wide palette of colourful tones, patterns and fabrics, Kaf by Kaf is a reflection of the founder’s incredibly diverse yet tightly knit sources of inspiration and set of influences. Helmed by Kawthar Alhoraish, the Saudi designer takes on a different perspective when it comes to fashion, using her background in architecture to develop a unique sense of style that only she knows how to dress and serve.

Really, no heart has proven to be immune to the trailblazing work of the up-and-coming creative. Their latest Spring/Summer collection plays with the cultural codes of the region with a subtle modern touch. Modest without necessarily being old-fashioned, Kawthar’s vision for fashion goes over and beyond as her ethos is very much centred around pleasing the other as much as yourself through cosy, relaxed and breezy items of artistic clothing. 

The Maison also carries another branch dedicated to technique, culture, art and avant-garde fashion. Founded in 2021, Art’- by Kaf is a subcategory of Kaf by Kaf that opens up on the label’s production method and process while also promoting the use of sustainable materials and ways of manufacturing.

Easy to spot on runways or throughout the streets of the historic city of Jeddah, Kaf is slowly but surely establishing itself as one of the most creative and powerful brands in the region. Hailing from the constantly moving forward Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the luxury brand is certainly going to grow into an anchor many of the younger generation will inspire themselves from in a not so far future. And that’s all we wish for the Kaf team working on pushing the barriers of fashion in the Arab world forward.